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Hi Peter - Just a quick note to thank you for the information video on your website.  As a sole trader at full capacity working evenings and weekends (after making the mistake of hiring the wrong bookkeepers) it was such a relief to hear that I’m not alone! The biggest thing I took from the video was to value my services, I will be increasing my rates!”

Hayley McLachlan
O2 Bookkeeping

Thanks guys - your free video was fantastic. I was amazed at the amount of great information you provided - the video gave me a clear direction for growing my business, and importantly let me know what’s wasting my time. The video also prompted me to get into action about making contact with my client’s accountants… something that’s been in the back of my mind for ages.”

Anita Cooper
In Control Bookkeeping & Office Solutions


If You’re Serious About Growing Your Bookkeeping Business — It’s VITAL You Read This Critical Message

When it comes to running a successful bookkeeping business, the bookkeeping is the easy part! Many bookkeepers have faced the challenges of marketing, and finding great clients.

And those of use that manage to jump that hurdle then find we’re facing a whole new set of challenges: long hours, ever-dwindling time for friends and family, and how to earn the rates we deserve.

I’m Debbie Roberts, a fellow bookkeeper. I’ve been in your shoes. Back in 2001 I was facing all those challenges. “BAS-ON” (as my husband calls it) was crazy. I didn’t see my family, I was working long hours but I still wasn’t getting the financial rewards I deserved. Then I started working with business coach Peter Cook.

As a result, I made a series of important changes

Some were easy to make. Others were more difficult. However, I successfully made the changes I needed to make.

The result? By 2010, I had a successful team of 12 bookkeepers. I enjoyed sensible hours. My personal income more than trebled and I worked with a much higher calibre of clients. Today, I enjoy a long annual holiday—with no worries about running my bookkeeping business.

You can discover more about my story and the secrets of my success by watching a short video presentation. Peter Cook (my business coach) pulls apart what we have done that has worked, and also shares some of the mistakes we’ve made so you can avoid them. There is no charge to watch the video.

Here’s what he covers:

  • The journey that I’ve been on (and its been some journey, let me tell you)
  • Two marketing strategies you definitely shouldn’t use (trust me, don’t waste your time and money on these)
  • The three things 95% of bookkeepers don’t do for their clients (and if you do them, they’ll happily pay you more)
  • The four stages of the bookkeeping business journey (and what to do at each stage)
  • How you can get us on your team to help you grow your business just like I have

Over 1817 Australian Bookkeepers have now watched this free short video about growing a bookkeeping business.

Here’s what Les Spindler recently said about the video:

I can understand why you’re getting the great feedback. It was one of the best 37 minutes I’ve spent. As a newcomer to bookkeeping (previously from a consulting and management background) who has only just setup my practice I found plenty of useful information. I also found that on some things (e.g. 7x5 marketing strategies) I was pretty well positioned.

Les Spindler, Bookkeeper

If you’re starting a new bookkeeping practice…or if you want to improve your current bookkeeping business, then watch this short video from my business coach and mentor Peter Cook – I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Simply click the green button below. There is no obligation and the presentation is free.