Are you procrastinating when it comes to working ON your business?

Have you set aside a day in January to plan your goals for this year?

When I read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber 10 years ago, it transformed the way I thought about running my bookkeeping business. He says that if you are a technician and running a business your answer to everything is just to work harder, faster and longer but the reality is that it’s not sustainable. Peter Cook helped me appreciate that I wasn’t going to be able to reach my goals if I didn’t spend time working ON my business in the other Domains.

As great bookkeepers the Domain of your business you will love the most is Production (client work). You won’t have any trouble looking after your clients because that’s where you are most comfortable. However you won’t be able to grow a Black Belt business if you don’t spend time in the other seven Domains of your business:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • HR
  • IT
  • Housekeeping

Initially I found myself procrastinating when I had to spend time in the Leadership Domain. It was hard to justify the time spent thinking about my vision or planning my goals. As a technician it even felt wrong because it was difficult to measure my progress like you can when you reconcile a bank account or complete a BAS.

It might seem a little harsh that I’m blogging about procrastinating right at the start of the year but it’s worthwhile checking in to see if you procrastinate about working ON your business before you barrel along into the new year working IN it.

Love to hear your thoughts, you can leave them below.

3 Responses to Are you procrastinating when it comes to working ON your business?

  1. Great blog!!
    I have just started to read The E’Myth, and am very impressed.
    I am beginning my bookkeeping business from scratch, and this book is so far really helping me to go in with my eyes wide open.

    The author talks about the psychology behind why most people start their own businesses. He talks about how they start full of positive anticipation and confidence, but are thoroughly unprepared for how to run a business as it grows through different stages of its development.

    It really is best to anticipate all the natural growth stages ahead for your business, and have at least a rough system in place for dealing with the different stages – a well researched, thorough and documented system is even better though of course!

  2. Your timing with this article is superb for me!!!! I had this minute decided to cancel my planned ‘appointment’ with myself each week as I was skipping it to often. I am now going to STICK to it and work ON my business.