Getting your bookkeeping business ready for growth in the new financial year

I’ve often told a story of how I felt as EOY was approaching. About May when I was already flat out, I could feel a knot develop in the pit of my stomach. The thought of working horrendously long hours to get everything done in such a short space of time was sickening.

If you can relate to my story then you probably need to recruit as soon as humanely possible after the EOY mania is over. I know it’s scary to engage your first bookkeeper but as Einstein said the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. So if you want to get some sanity back in your life then you need to do something different and recruit. One piece of advice though – make sure you test the bookkeeper in some way before you put them on.

If you’re not full up yet then your job right now is marketing. Aim to fill your books within the next 12 months. That’s a doable goal if you’ve got several marketing strategies in place. My advice to you is to create a system around your marketing and take ACTION! Don’t wait until you feel comfortable with it. Now is the perfect time to direct your marketing to business owners who may have neglected their bookkeeping. The start of a new FY is a great time for them to get their house in order.

So what are you going to do differently in 2013/14?

Love to hear your thoughts.

One Response to Getting your bookkeeping business ready for growth in the new financial year

  1. Hi Deb,

    Great to see ACTION being the mantra, to often, self included we sit & think rather than do! As Yoda says “Try not. Do. Or Do Not. There is no Try.” I am going to use my Astute Quarterly Action Board to get my business humming – (blatent plug on my part – but I think it will add value to members).

    My Call to action this quarter is make contact with an new accountant-referrer each week, potential new client each week and potential business planning client each week; plus the follow up nurture.